Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks, NM

Update: I have not, in fact, died since my last post about White Sands. I apologize for the gap in posts, but it turns out I only had enough time each day while I was traveling to just write these entries down in a notebook and keep going. Not much wifi or cell service, and trouble getting my pictures together from my phone and camera. But now, I can continue, and will actually be posting every day until the log is complete.

Tent Rocks National Monument

I couldn’t help but senselessly and childishly giggle at this monument.  I laughed when I saw it online, and again when I climbed to the top of the trail. It was a relatively short hike, best at opening time (8am) to avoid the flocks of crowds that clog the very narrow slot canyon trail later in the morning. 

There was definitely a great view from the top, although some of the last rocks of the climb were precarious and scraped my knees.  But I didn’t need my hiking poles after all, much to the amusement of two old ladies I passed who remarked at my matching baseball cap and “cane” (they were the same brand, I suppose?).  This was the first day that I was very truly beginning to loathe the crowds, and those who think their children can easily climb 1,000 feet without screaming and/or falling (like the lady with the baby that I saw walking down into the Carlsbad Caverns). 

Overall, worth at least a look, and a laugh. 

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