Horseshoe Bend, AZ

It cost me 10 fricking dollars to get in to see this rock.  I mean, it was a pretty great rock, but still. 

This was the place that I used for my laptop background for over a year, until I finally decided to get out west myself.  It was one of the first pictures I came across that gave me a lot of inspiration, and probably part of the reason why I decided to go to the Grand Canyon (although I was slightly disappointed to learn at first that Horseshoe Bend was not part of the GC).  So that’s why this time around, on this trip, I decided to go out of my way to visit this place.  And oh boy. 

It was crowded.  Slow lines of tourists that I had to maneuver around to even get out to the rock, giving me glares as I veered past them.  And even when I got out to the viewpoint, it was even worse. 

Looking back at the short trail to the monument

The Horseshoe Bend was really spectacular and amazing, breathtaking to finally see in person.  The lady that shoved me when I was standing two and a half feet from the fucking drop-off was slightly less breathtaking.  The tourists breathing down my neck at the main railing was not very pleasant either.  If you go, stay far away from the main crowds.  Go to either side of the bend to get a good look, away from the rude and idiot tourists.  It is just as beautiful from the different angle, and just as peaceful.  

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