Bryce Canyon, UT

Inspiration Point

My day drive to Bryce Canyon was short enough for me to fit in a hike the day before I was supposed to head into the park.  I did the Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop, and I began relatively late at 2:30pm, meaning a wonderful peace and quiet down in the canyon. 

Late afternoon light in the Queen’s Garden
“Two Bridges”

The heat of the day had cooled off once I got down into the canyon, and I was blown away by the tall spires of gradient amber and pale, chalky white. It really felt as if I was sneaking through the “Queen’s Garden,” in such a tranquil place.

Down in the canyon as you head into the Queen’s Garden, surprisingly full of green.
Thor’s Hammer, of course.

The rock formations, in my opinion, were adorable.  Majestic and beautiful, yes, but also very odd and cute.  The sign posts said that the natives thought the hoodoos had been people turned to stone.  And as I made the 8 mile Fairyland Loop the next day, I began to see the mysticism behind the place. 

The loop down into the canyon was gorgeous, and cool in the shade.  There were arches, and plenty of views of the amphitheater of hoodoos.  And the rim trail on the way back was filled with beautiful wildflowers and fields gently wavering in the wind. 

Worth the 8 miles, and some blisters. 

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