Devil’s Tower, WY

A much better monument than the one I’d just visited, the Lion King-esque rock much more dignified and magnificently naturally carved. It definitely reminded me of Pride Rock, just missing the mandrill and lion cub.

I took the Red Beds trail first, leading out around the tower through a stunning array of color. Sage plants, pink flowers, neon-yellow and lime grass, toasted red dirt.

Some more of these flowers! They’re so photogenic.

And on top of that, a river winding through the never-ending green farmland far below. I began to really like Wyoming as I looked out over all that.

Looks like a thrift store painting, actually.
There was a field of these giant dandelions on the back half of the Red Beds trail (forgive me if they’re called something else). They were so cute as they all wavered in the wind.
You can get a better landscape shot of the tower from this trail, if you’re into photography.

The short trail around the base of the tower was much more crowded, with loud, rude tourists as usual. Although, I got a good look at the hexagonal and octagonal pillars forming the tower, as well as the insane climbers that dotted the peak far, far above.

The geology of this place is interesting for sure. A ton of people were climbing on the boulders at the base, and it did look like fun.
A closer shot of the tower and its makeup.

Up at the top, a man in a blue jacket was peering down in my direction. I stopped and looked up at him too, wondering what I looked like from up there and if he could tell I could see him too. But I wandered on, and stayed at the nearby campground with a stunning sunrise view of the tower the next morning.

From the Red Beds trail.
From the Devil’s Tower KOA campground. A very convenient place to camp, right across the street from the entrance to the monument.

A note for trip planners: at 2:00pm, there was a ridiculous stopped like at the gate to get into this monument. Get there early!

Had so much time sitting in line in my car on the way in that I snapped a couple pictures.
You can see the tower from miles and miles away on the highway!

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