Mount Rushmore, SD

I was severely underwhelmed by this monument. A vague “ha” left my mouth upon seeing it from the highway as I drove up, but left little other impression.

There he is, I guess?

And after all this hiking, I was surprised to find myself actually angry that someone had decided to blow up a mountain just to carve these statues (Please excuse my memes, but: As I squinted up at it and milled around, I was glad that the admission had been cheap.

You can see the holes they drilled in the rocks to stick the dynamite into…

A check-the-box sort of place. Four white heads on a mountain, ugly in comparison the surrounding Black Hills. Go visit, if you like history, but don’t expect much. I would actually suggest watching National Treasure 2 in lieu of spending time here.

Go hike out there instead!

I knocked this out in about an hour on the way to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming.

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